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Sale price€4.850,00

A blend of art and functionality. Made with meticulous attention to detail, each piece offers a transformative experience that elevates the everyday and the environment in which it is placed.

Sculpted from bronze, walnut wood, and semi-precious stones, each chair exudes a unique aura, intensified by the energy of the inlaid stones. Every piece embodies over 100 hours of work.

Please anticipate a creation and delivery time ranging between 1 and 2 months. Limited to a series of 15 pieces, this chair is produced in a restricted edition. Each item is carefully numbered and stamped, certifying its authenticity and uniqueness.

In order to customize your item we offer a choice of various stones and placement to truly create something that represents you.

Please get in touch with if you have any questions concerning this product.  

VALET DRESSER CHAIR Sale price€4.850,00