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Rêveur Lucide stands at the intersection of our dreams and the clear paths of clarity. It represents the meeting point of infinite wonder and deliberate intent, embodying the essence of 'RL'.

Founded by Victor Pellerin and periodically refined with contributions from like-minded thinkers, the brand aims to design apparel that resonates deeply with the sensory experiences and emotions of our users. It's more than just clothing; it's about immersing oneself in the emotion that the attire evokes.

Prod in the heart of Paris, our collaboration with skilled craftsmen bring a unique character upon every collection, merging contemporary techniques with a refreshed aesthetic. Our hallmark lies in ingeniously reimagining the conventional, drawing inspiration from functional design.

Rêveur Lucide's 2023 Men's Collection re-evaluates traditional menswear archetypes through a contemporary lens. This AW23/24 collection draws inspiration from the sartorial evolution in the arts community, culminating in a conversation between fashion and art. Architect Le Corbusier's volumes influence the mixed-layered looks, while the artist Seven’s motifs add a graphical touch. The collection features traditional workwear garments reimagined with sophisticated panels, stitched detailing, and flap pockets, made from a variety of materials like brushed cotton and Italian nubuck leather. The deconstructed shapes and fabric experimentation reflect the brand's ethos of formative development and universal human experiences.

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