For the The Line in Space 2023 Men’s Collection, Rêveur Lucide re-evaluates and re-values the archetypes of menswear through the eyes of contemporary masculinities.

In the arts-driven community that surround him, Victor identifies an instinctive evolution of sartorial virtues reflected in his own relationship with clothes : the quintessential garments and accessories making up an authentic wardrobe, amplifying them through the artisanal and technological possibilities of Parisian craftsmanship.

The technique triggers a study of architect Le Corbusier’s volumes that spill out in mixed-layered looks and in a conversational narrative with contemporary artist Seven to achieve the maximum effect of the bigger picture.

Throughout the collection, the archetypes of the workwear wardrobe are hacked with stitched detailing, sophisticated panels and flap pockets. From brushed cotton to deperlant nylon and flannel, they invoke the sudden explosions of pattern and texture found within Rêveur Lucide’s previous collections. The materials scratch the surface of fabric experimentation employed as another way of evolving traditional menswear codes: Italian nubuck leather reconstructs double-knee panels, hammer loops seemingly swallowed by the sewing machine, overalls cropped and designed as an utility vest. The unpicking of classic shapes elicits a deconstruction of workwear expressed in cargo trousers spontaneously finished with large double zippers and now being added to the known signature detachable pockets. Through techniques, motifs, and silhouettes, artist Seven graphically draws on themes inherent to the genetics of the Rêveur Lucide men’s practice: formative development and the universal human experiences that unite us across geography and cultures.


Our showroom is located at 28 Rue Faidherbe 75011 Paris.

Available from Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m for appointments and private shopping.

Rêveur Lucide is a paradox between both worlds, one being the human mind its curiosity and where any dream is attainable. The other is lucidity, you lay a clear path to achieve what you have set out for. The alliance of both are what make the values of ‘RL’.

Designed on a seasonal basis by Victor Pellerin and like minded individuals, pursuing a goal to create functional items that will fit hand in hand with the expectations of our end wearer involving their human senses and emotions.

Through a local manufacturing in Paris directly working with expert artisans the collections presented seek to combine technical innovation in a revisited aesthetic driving towards creative re-purpose with utilitarian influence. The brand stands for the wave of empowered dreamers who foster the ability to influence their utopian realities. Combining cutting - edge clothing and immersive art, you free yourself from the constraints on the deepest desires.